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Your First Home Your Second Home Or Investment Stop Renting Start Owning

Enigma Corporation are the leaders in providing a comprehensive turn-key buying solution to Australians without a deposit

About Us

Welcome To The Enigma Family

We empower families to achieve the best in life, and we believe home is the stage on which future generations succeed. It is in the home we all learn, grow and practice all the skills that one day we bring to life.

As families grow, we know the desire to help your kids become the best they can be and to have the best start in life. Our goal is to help Australians to fulfil this dream of buying their own home, working with a strategic practice format, and a well-defined business framework. The Enigma Corporation achieves results.

When you choose The Enigma Corporation you’re choosing to experience the entire buying process better. You will embark on a journey where we celebrate the moments that matter with you. Our journey together will start with a shared understanding of your vision and see this merge with our turn key innovation that see’s your buying process fully integrated. The Enigma Corporation is dedicated to delivering a simply better buying experience for you as your concierge in this process.

Front view of happy family in casual clothes unpacking cardboard boxes in their new home

The Enigma Difference

A one-stop shop in the home buying process without a deposit

Regulations and fast-changing volatile economic conditions continue to challenge the market as a first home buyer, second time buyer or investor. The need for greater understanding of the property market and greater efficiency and effectiveness is more critical than ever when trying to enter the property market.

The Enigma Corporation brings together industry-specific experience and education to our customers. We have implemented a flexible customer process that helps Australian’s relish their dream of Home Ownership without a deposit. 



Your New Beginning

Genesis is the first book in the Bible. It means “book of beginnings”, and this is our beginning.

The Genesis program aims to offer a cost-effective and realistic approach for more Australians to enter the home and property market by facilitating the process of home ownership for Australians who do not have a deposit. 

The Enigma Corporation has found that it is near impossible for young Australians to get out of the Rental Cycle, saving a deposit while paying rent leaves the door closed to a majority of Australians who can only but wish “Realise the Dream of Home Ownership”

Enigma Corporation through its Genesis Program works directly customers to facilitate the process of Home Ownership. We take the appositive approach to your financial needs. We invest in our own culture, creating relationships that transcend transactions and promote partnerships.

The program is a joint venture between Enigma Corporation and selected Builders and Developers.

No Deposit Home Loans