The First Home Investor

Owning the First Home or even getting your foot in the home market for many Australians is becoming close to impossible, especially in recent years. It seems with the 21st Century have discarded many dreams that most Australians held dear by the wayside in the process of just making ends meet.

With high hopes for predictable outcomes and expectations of how things “might” turn out, The Australian way of life that meant a good job, charming house, super for retirement, is becoming less a reality and more of an illusion.

Sydney has undergone incredible growth over the past few years, which means unfortunately for young “First Home Buyers” the “Sydney Market is closed” The average house and Land Packages are north of $900,000 this makes servicing a loan impossible.

The First Home Investor program introduced by Enigma Property Group aims to offer a cost-effective and realistic approach to help more Australians to enter the Home and Property market.

The First Home Investor program shows how to obtain a foot in the property market without a deposit.

Sydney property prices are out of the reach of young Australians; our First Home Investor program introduces clients to the South East Queensland Market.



  Property experts have been talking about a property BOOM coming to Queensland for a while now, but where is it?

Queensland is expected to experience an influx of residents from Sydney and Melbourne as they head north and settle in the Sunshine State.

Experts believe the Sunshine State looks like a great option to invest and buy the property. Experts believe the Sunshine State looks like a great option to invest and buy property as it offers a shorter commute, warmer weather, and a lower total cost of living (Ie. tolls, and parking). Houses in Queensland are also cheaper than those in Sydney, even when you take into account the income difference.

The Deutsche Bank states that the average Sydney home price has risen above $900,000 up from below $700,000 in 2013. However, In Brisbane prices have been steady at $500,000 for more than seven years.

With a median house price of $500,000, houses are more likely to, attracting a broader audience.

Although Australians moving from Victoria and New South Wales into Queensland is at a 40-year low, it is all about to change. According to Deutsche Bank, interstate residents have moved to Queensland from other states for decades now, taking it from 16% of Australia’s population to 20%.

REAA is backing Queensland’s mission to be the most beautiful and realistic state to buy, invest, and live a typical Australian lifestyle.

“The First Home Investor Program” brings together Australia’s Leading Property Developers and Builders to build a one-stop shop for First Home Investors’ without a deposit.

The program is Australia’s first “NO DEPOSIT HOME LOAN” The program is about helping young Australians “Realise the Dream of Home Ownership” Working with Tax incentives from both State and Federal Government your Investment property, without a deposit can be CASH POSITIVE.

Enigma Property Group consultants are facilitators. We are not real estate agents, Bankers what we do is facilitate the process of home ownership for young Australians who do not have a deposit.

The Enigma Property Group has found that it is near impossible for young Australians to get out of the Rental Cycle, saving a deposit while paying rent leaves the door closed to a majority of Australians who wish “Realise the Dream of Homeownership.”.

Enigma Property Group through Investor Program works directly with First Home Investors to facilitate the process of Home Ownership. We use an optimistic method to your financial needs; we invest in our own culture and creating relations.

How does the First Home Investor Program work

The program works on a “NO DEPOSIT FINANCE” this is Australia’s only No Deposit Loan for first-time Investors, many companies sell South East Queensland Property that is overpriced by tens of thousands of dollars and can then afford to give you a deposit. We don't work this way Enigma Property Group, Our properties value to the cent by an independent valuer appointed by the banks. Our properties are positively geared, which means that there are no out-of-pocket expenses.

Enigma Property Group will organize you a 97% housing loan and then lend you the Balance up to $34,000.00 interest-free up to 4 years.

I have put together a sample of how The First Home Investor Program” works, I have based the example on a House and Land Package of $470,000 and a client earning $100,000 PA, call us today or register online for one of the many seminars that we hold in the coming weeks.

Based on Income Of $100,000 PA
Stamp Duty
LMI 2.5%
Funds to Complete$33,472.50
Property Income
Tax Break$292.57$15,213.64
Total Income$742.57$38,613.64
Property Deductions
$850.15 $44,180.00
Tax Relief
Fewer Deductions$44,180.00
Taxable Income$55,820.00$9,746.00$187.43
Tax Saving Per Week$292.57
Loan Repayment Table ~ Interest Only
Year 1 ~ 3RateMonthlyWeekly
Principle & Interest
Year 3~3.30RateMonthlyWeekly
Less Out Goings
Year 3 ~ 30
Less Out Goings