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The Enigma Property Group are not Real Estate Agents. We are not Finance Brokers, and we are not Financial Advisers, we specialize in First Home Ownership and facilitate this process.
Membership of our Loyalty Rewards Program called Gekko allows you to take exclusive advantage of an excellent range of rewards and privileges designed to make a real difference to your life and prosperity. These rewards and opportunities apply to participate in Enigma Property Group developments across Australia.

Purchase Rewards

Purchase rewards provide 1 to 2% reduction in the price of your future purchase rebated after Settlement.

Referral Reward

A $2000.00 referral reward if you recommend Enigma Property Group to a friend who is not on our database and they proceed to purchase from us.

Priority Notification

Priority Notification is an exclusive opportunity that means Gekko members will be first to hear about our new releases and will have the first chance to buy.

Holiday Possibilities

Gekko runs a considerable number of promotional holiday experiences throughout the year. These exclusive promotions apply to Gekko members only.
Purchase a property from the Enigma Property Group Australia and register your Gekko membership to receive a full suite of program benefits. Eligibility and terms and conditions apply.